Can’t wait for 30 hour day? Bring a toy to the KGW The Square tweetup tonight or help us pick a tree tomorrow

kicking off some of the festivities tonight by joining KGW The Square for a Twitter-fueled Toy Drive and then heading out to another tweetup on Saturday to grab the 30 hour day tree—a whole week before the actual event begins.

While I’ve been resisting the urge to blather on and on about 30 hour day, here, the time is drawing near. And things are getting into full swing. While I’ll share—perhaps overshare—way more details next week, suffice it to say that 30 hour day is a joint effort between Strange Love Live and Silicon Florist. It’s a telethon to raise money for Free Geek, Oregon Food Bank, and Toys for Tots. 30 consecutive hours. No sleep. All for charity.

We’re pretty darned excited about the whole thing. So much so, that we’re looking forward to kicking off some of the festivities tonight by joining KGW The Square for a Twitter-fueled Toy Drive and then heading out to another tweetup on Saturday to grab the 30 hour day tree—a whole week before the actual event begins.

First, the fun with Stephanie Stricklen and Aaron Weiss at The Square. They’ve been kind enough to invite Cami Kaos and me on tonight (Friday, December 11 at 7 PM) to chat a little about 30 hour day, what we’re trying to accomplish, and who all is involved. You know, to let folks know about it and stuff. And it just so happens that there’s #ToyTweetup happening on the exact same night.

What are the chances?

So go ahead and head over to Beer and Blog as per usual. But then, grab some folks, pile into a vehicle of some sort, and head on down to Pioneer Courthouse Square for the tweetup. If you could bring a new unwrapped toy with you? Well, that would make the tweetup all the more awesome. And it will definitely make the holidays a lot happier for a kid in the Portland area.

So we’ll see you at The Square, right? What’s that? Oh. Um. Well, set your TiVo at least, would you? That’s fine. I understand. These things happen. And it was kind of short notice.

Okay. Well, maybe some kind, gentle, and awesome spirit will volunteer to gather up any toys that people bring to Beer and Blog and cart those down to The Square at 7 PM? What about that? (NOTE: This was a not so subtle hint.)

Okay, okay. You’re not going to be at Beer and Blog or at The Square. Fine. That makes us a little sad. But we’d still like to see your cheery happy holiday face.

How’s Saturday looking for you? Like trees and stuff? Well why not join the 30 hour day crew for our TreeUp Tweetup?

With that in mind the 30 Hour Day team is heading out this Saturday to get our tree from Lawrence Farms in West Linn. They’re providing us with a beautiful tree to help fill our space and make it more festive. But we don’t want to do it alone, this is a community effort, right? We’d like to invite you to join us as we find the perfect tree for our telethon.

That’s right! A multitude of geeks descending upon unsuspecting conifers in hopes of securing the perfect tree for the telethon—and maybe a tree or two for your house, too.

Kind of gives the “Silicon Forest” a whole new perspective, doesn’t it? Getting back to our Oregon roots (ha!) by cutting down… Oh wait. I seem to have lost the holiday spirit stuff there for a second.


Join us for the 30 hour day TreeUp TweetUp. Our families will be there. We hope yours will be too. We’d love to see you. For more details, see our TreeUp TweetUp info.

Please note, we’ve also started some early campaigning for a local family whose house just burned to the ground. For more info on that, please see Cami’s post. And if you want to bring stuff for that family to the TreeUp, we’ll make sure it gets where it belongs.

Want to get even more involved in 30 hour day? We’re still happy to talk to potential 30 hour day sponsors about how they can get involved to help these very worthwhile Portland charities. Or if you’re interested in getting the gift giving started a little early, you can always join the 30 hour day cause and donate a little something.

For more information, visit 30 hour day, follow 30hourday on Twitter, or become a fan of 30 hour day on Facebook.

  1. This post makes me feel even busier. We’re busy.

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