Oregon Film, Beam Development, Hive-FX to Host Lunch 2.0

Mark your calendars now because this one will be interesting, assuming you like entertainment.

Oregon Film (a.k.a. The Governor’s Office of Film and Television), Beam Development and Hive-FX will be co-hosting Lunch 2.o at Hive’s offices on March 10, 2010 from 12 to 2 PM.

I’m excited for this because it promises to be an event where we should get an interesting mix of communities–tech, entertainment, creative–which always makes for a good time.

Wondering why would these organizations want to host a Lunch 2.0?

Maybe you’ll just have to come by and ask them.

OK, I’ll stop being coy. This lunch is the brainchild of Vince Porter, the Executive Director of the Oregon Film, who sees value in bridging the entertainment and technology communities.

Makes sense, since producing entertainment is an increasingly technical field and marketing that entertainment includes more geeky channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

And of course, geeks love entertainment, as evidenced by Wil Wheaton’s surprise appearance last June on Live at 7. Wil happened to be in town filming Leverage, a production wooed here to Portland by Oregon Film.

And yes, that’s my favorite example of what Oregon Film does because I love that show. Another recent example is Extraordinary Measures, and I’m sure Vince will have more to share.

We all know how great Oregon is, and it’s Oregon Film’s charter to let the entertainment industry know that.

Beam Development got involved because they have redeveloped the Eastbank Commerce Center, where Oregon Film’s new offices are, as well as several other properties on the Eastbank, including the Olympic Mills Commerce Center, where AboutUs is located. We’ll be there on February 17 in case you want to admire Beam’s work.

If you’ve been down to the Eastbank lately, you’ll know how much it’s been transformed and how sweet a space it is now.

Finally, Hive-FX is graciously opening their offices to our little event. Hive produces visual effects, animation and live action, so they have a lot of big iron, the kind that makes geeks drool. I’ve never met a geek who didn’t like animation, so that should be a great fit.

Excited? Here’s the skinny:

Hosts: Oregon Film, Beam Development and Hive-FX

Where: 79 SE Taylor St., Suite 100, Portland, OR 97214

When: March 10, 2010 from 12:00 to 2:00 PM

RSVP on Upcoming

As always, please RSVP for yourself and any guests you plan on bringing, so the hosts will know how much food they need. Also, if you’re vegan/vegetarian, make sure to shout out in the comments on the Upcoming event.

Upcoming Portland Lunch 2.0s

I’m always looking for hosts, so if you’re interested or know someone who might be interested in hosting a Lunch 2.0, drop a comment, hit me up on Twitter (@jkuramot), or find me at a Lunch 2.0, if you want to chat IRL.

Want to know what’s involved? Check out the how-to primer.

Big thanks to all the hosts who have hosted or plan to host Lunch 2.0. As with the majority of the tech events in Portland, sponsors make them happen. So, we humbly thank you.

  1. Great posting! Salutations, I was captivated by what your bloghad to say about the information.

  2. I am sad to say I am going to have to miss the lunch today
    as I have booked some work on an animated feature.
    I so look forward to reading about how it goes
    and look so forward to the next
    opportunity to gather with all you creative people…
    Most Sincerely
    Eric Newsome

  3. Here is my RSVP…I will see you there!

  4. Please RSVP me for this event. I’ll see you there!

  5. Next week’s Lunch 2.0 is all about tech+creative industries in PDX. You know I love that! http://tinyurl.com/y97r3ek

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  7. Sounds interesting, I would be happy to attend: RSVP

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  10. All Lunch 2.0s are free of charge. We like it that way. Hope you can make it.

  11. Rachel Chapdelaine February 1, 2010 at 11:41 am

    I am wondering what the fee is for this event. Thank you.

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