That new Tweetmeme follow button everyone is all gaga about? There’s some Portland-based Twitalyzer baked in there

When it comes to Twitter, people get a little excited around these parts. In fact, we like to think of Portland as one of the most Twittery towns around. So when TweetMeme released a new “follow me” button that provides some interesting details about you and your Twitter account, it was no surprise that Portlanders—not to mention other folks around the Web—were quick to start banging on it.

What might surprise you, however, is that one local Twitter-focused company is baked right into the goodness that is the new TweetMeme Follow button—and that company is Portland-based Twitalyzer.

So what does the new TweetMeme button do, exactly? Well, according to the folks at TweetMeme:

Today are launching the really useful TweetMeme Follow Button, this feature will help you and your readers to find and follow one another on Twitter! The button has been designed for simplicity and comes in three styles as shown below. The Follow button does not redirect the user to Twitter it instead uses the Twitter OAuth access just like our ReTweet button.

How does Twitalyzer figure in? Well, there’s some additional functionality baked into the TweetMeme button that provides the person who finds the button with more information about the person who added the button to his or her site. And hopefully, that additional information—like interesting Twitalyzer’s metrics on the button adder’s use of Twitter—convinces the button finder to add the button adder.

Twitalyzer in TweetMeme

Granted, that might not seem like such a big deal. Until, of course, you realize the volume of buttons that TweetMeme tends to serve up via its retweet button.

“We are excited to be included in TweetMeme’s new Follow Button solution,” said Eric T. Peterson, founder of Twitalyzer in a blog post. “Given that their Retweet Button is on over 100,000 sites including Time, Wired, Washington Post, TechCrunch, and Mashable, and that they’re serving nearly 300 million buttons a day, we believe this is the largest effort to bring rich analytics to a widespread audience in the history of social media.”

What’s that? You’d like to see the button in action? Oh. Well, here you go. Here’s the Silicon Florist follow button.


Pretty cool, right? Well go ahead and get your own TweetMeme Follow button. Because in so doing, you’ll be helping to spread the love for Twitalyzer, too.


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  3. Full of awesome!

  4. Wow. This is a sweet. New feature!!! Thanks Rick for pointing this out.

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