ActiveTrak (formerly GadgetTrak) lands first round of funding for thief-nabbing technology

Today, ActiveTrak announced that they had secured their first round of funding. And while an amount was not provided, they did provide details on where the investment will be channeled

One of the most interesting boostrapped companies I’ve followed during my tenure here on Silicon Florist has to be ActiveTrak (the startup formerly known as GadgetTrak). And honestly, I always saw them as a dark horse around here.

They have a compelling consumer-focused product that helps people recover stolen laptops and mobile phones. They get major media coverage more than any local startup I know. And they continue to pitch as hard as any company—they’ve presented at OEN’s Angel Oregon three times—I’ve seen. And yet, they couldn’t really seem to land funding. Until now.

Today, ActiveTrak announced that they had secured their first round of funding. [UPDATE] John Cook at TechFlash has pegged the investment at $500,000. [/UPDATE] And while an amount was not provided, they did provide details on where the investment will be channeled:

The round is led by strategic investor ProtectCell a leader in mobile phone insurance and handset protection, based in Michigan. The investment provides ActiveTrak Inc. capital to accelerate development of its enterprise and mobile security solutions, as well as provide ActiveTrak with direct distribution through 1,300 wireless retailers at the point-of-sale and other sales channels and opportunities.

This has been a good year, so far, for capital in the Portland area. ActiveTrak joins startup peers Urban Airship and ShopIgniter who have also raised money in 2010.

Here’s hoping more Portland startups join them in the near the future. And that those investors who have begun to dip their toes in the Portland startup scene find return in the current investments and gain confidence in the promise of what’s happening around here.

For more information on ActiveTrak’s products, visit GadgetTrak.


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  2. Congratulations to Ken and everyone at ActiveTrak. It’d be nice to get more detail about the individuals and firms investing in Portland startups – who they are and their opinion of the Portland startup community.

  3. Thank you everyone for the support, I am humbled to be part of the recent group of tech companies here in Portland that have closed funding, it is a validation of our technology, team and plans for the future. The momentum and the energy I have been seeing in the startup community is inspiring and think we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of Portland’s startup potential.

    Ken Westin
    ActiveTrak Founder & CEO

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  5. Congratulation to Ken Westin! This has been a long time coming and is well deserved. Best of luck to him in creating a world class company.

  6. seems like a great product with tremendous value. nice to hear for the portland scene!

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