Seesmic CTO Johann Romefort visiting Portland. What should he do while he’s here?

Word around the campfire is that Johann Romefort, the CTO of Seesmic—one of the leading Twitter clients—will be in town for the weekend.

[HTML1]Word around the campfire is that Johann Romefort, the CTO of Seesmic—one of the leading Twitter clients—will be in town for the weekend.

Any time Internet dignitaries swing by, it’s always good to show them a good old fashioned Portland welcome. And so I’m hoping that you—the geeky Portland consulate—can provide some suggestions for what Johann should do while he’s here in town.

Obviously, attending Beer and Blog, Friday afternoon, is at the top of the list. But there have got to be some other geeky things that he should be doing.

And aside from geekiness, no trip to Portland would be complete without a stop at Whiffies. Maybe swinging by Voodoo Doughnut and Stumptown Coffee?

Where should he go? What should he see? Where should he eat? You know. Do tell.

Oh. And @crunchysue had a great idea. So I’m going to be working on compiling a “geeky visitor’s guide to Portland.” Any of you who provide awesome Portland ideas below? Full credit. To be sure.

So let’s hear it. And thanks in advance.

  1. If you’re a true geek, you’re into comic books, which means a trip to Cosmic Monkey Comics is a must.

  2. Cycle or Walk around Mt Tabor Park to see the extinct volcano, giant doug firs and views of Mt Hood and downtown (weather permitting). Stop by Cheese Bar for a pint and some fab nosh. Not everything geeky is inside!

  3. Excellent. Johann has the best wardrobe in tech.

  4. Wow, thanks everyone for the great advices! Looking forward to meeting all of you at the beer and blog meetup! Jake, I ll wear my argile sweater just for you 🙂

  5. The Chinese garden is way better in the rain. It is alive with the sounds of water and the view from the tea room through the rain is beautiful.

  6. I’m not from Portland but have visited a number of times, so forgive me if my suggestions are lame. How about Ground Kontrol or Lucky Lab Brew Pub?

  7. This is really good stuff. I knew you guys would have some ideas. Feel free to tweet @romefort with your ideas.

    Oh and Multnomah Falls is a must-see IMO.

  8. WTF? How did “buy Justin a beer” not make the list?

  9. kathleen mazzocco May 26, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    Dudes, food is fine but how about some culture? There are some nice shows at the local galleries (Gus Van Sant photo portraits at PDX Gallery), and we have some lovely other spots to soothe the geek soul e.g. the Japanese or Chinese gardens (if it stops precipitating).

  10. Rule Numero Uno: When in doubt, check Calagator.

    This may be obvious, but Powell’s City of Books and/or the Technical store are top of the list. Cartopia is another obvious must-do.

    In the shameless plug department, I have to put in a good word for WikiWednesday on the first Weds. of every month.

  11. For the drinking geek. A tour and tasting session at House Spirits is great. (Home of my favorite gin, Aviation) From there have a meal at the Farm Cafe (get there by 5:30 to get seat. Well worth it.



  12. First of all OMG! He’s like, a total rockstar! Can I get a backstage pass? Get on the tour bus??

    I think a trip to Mother’s for Sunday brunch is a must. Oh and there’s the Grilled Cheese Grill resto-food cart…and Saucebox or Mint for drinking and appetizers. The Hotel Deluxe is a great place to stay and the restaurant (Gracie’s) is fab.

    So many great restaurants, so little time…

  13. Thanks Rick, you rock! Looking forward to meeting you!

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