Want to read this blog post faster? There’s an iPhone/iPad app for that called QuickReader.

Let’s be honest. There are only so many hours in the day. And if you’re on the Internets, a lot of those hours are spent reading. And reading. And reading. So much content. So little time.

But what if you could ingest that content faster? And get through more reading in less time? Well, it’s possible that you could, if you take a spin with Beaverton-based QuickReader, an iPhone and iPad app that helps you improve your reading speed and comprehension.

QuickReader 2.0 mixes the newest technology with proven teaching techniques that build good reading habits and optimal eye tracking. Follow along as the guide leads you through the text as you incrementally increase your reading speed. Using the guide, similar to following along with a pen or your finger, is a technique taught in the most effective speed reading classes around the world and is now available right on your iPhone or iPod Touch with QuickReader.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? But what makes it different from the other eBook readers out there, other than a Silicon Forest address? Well, according to Portland’s own Frederic Lardinois over at ReadWriteWeb, it’s the selection of titles and the speed reading techniques that make QuickReader appealing.

While there are already quite a few speed reading apps for the iPhone, most of them tend to offer a very limited number of books (or expect you to copy and paste text from other sites) and often only flash word at you instead of helping you to read regular books and articles faster. QuickReader’s approach is different. Instead of flashing words at you at a set speed – which can quickly become very tiring – the app displays a whole page of text and then gives you visual guidance that drives you to read faster (the app supports speeds up to 4000 words per minute) and avoid excessive subvocalization.

QuickReader is available for $5.99 in the App Store. And initial reviews seem positive. In fact, it was even featured as a new and notable app in the App Store.

For more information, visit QuickReader. Or follow QuickReader on Twitter.

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