Girl in your shirt, it’s not. But a foosball playing Kentucky boy in front of a bunch of VCs ain’t half bad neither.

For many startups, it’s all about getting discovered, getting found, and being recognized. It’s about getting the word out. Getting yourself in front of people. Getting people to recognize your company.

And there’s no better way to do that, than to get Isaiah Mustafa to record a bunch of witty retorts to tweets. But since that’s not an option for you, I’ve got something that may be more your speed. Like having Jeff Hardison wear your startup’s shirt—among a bevy of VCs—as he competes in the TechFlash foosball tournament.

Foosball is new for us this year, but the social media gurus of Team Banyan Branch are expected to field a strong team. They face Team Microsoft/One to One Interactive in the first round. We’re also intrigued to see how Team Conenza performs against Team BuzzLabs on the other side of the bracket.

Whatever happens, it should be a blast. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday, July 28th at the Showbox SoDo.

That’s right, my friends. Nothing says “free advertising” like a Portland-based Kentucky native playing foosball in Seattle. Or something.

But hey, there’s no such thing as bad press right?

How do you participate? Easy. Just get your shirt to Jeff—5331 S.W. Macadam Ave, Suite 220—by 9 AM Wednesday morning. He’ll don your shirt while he’s playing foosball, schmoozing with VCs, and getting filmed by the TechFlash crew.

Jeff gets some clothes to wear and you get some much needed exposure. Talk about a win win.

But you better get on it. You don’t have much time. Got a tshirt? Get it over to Jeff. Or make one and get it over to Jeff. Who knows? He might even be willing to wear a button or two. It never hurts to ask.

  1. Jeff,
    Congratulations to you and Nate for the strong showing! Thanks for putting on our shirt during the event…

  2. Hey, Bruce. Nate DiNiro and I received second place out of 16 foosball teams. Thanks again for the AlbinoPhant.com t-shirt. I wore it around the semifinals! Lots of gratitude to everyone who donated #pdxtech t-shirts and SiliconFlorist for helping us get there.

  3. I hope that Jeff had a great time in Seattle and represented Portland strongly at the tables…

    Will you be reporting on his results?


  4. Thanks, Rick, for helping us show off Portland tech to the Seattle market.

    Justin: I’m a medium but I’m hoping to get my more muscular partner, @unclenate, to join me in these wardrobe changes, so let’s do size large to be safe.


  5. What shirt size would you say Jeff is?

  6. I thought VCs meant something else. I’m from a different generation.

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