Have you responded to the second PDC software community survey yet? Want to talk about it?

Remember that survey that the Portland Development Commission was running? The second survey of the Portland software community?

Well, time is running out for you to respond. Like really running out. Like it closes today. So if you’re interested in responding, I highly suggest you hop on over to the PDC survey and complete it.

Why? Well, the PDC is very interested in learning more about the Portland software community. So that they can do a better job of supporting and helping the Portland software community.

So yes. This is one of those “help us help you” situations. So why not take a second to respond to the survey?

But what if you’d like to discuss your responses? You’re in luck. The PDC will be hosting a round table discussion on the survey and its results next Tuesday, August 3rd, from 4:30 to 6:00 pm at the Portland Development Commission.

So take a moment to provide your opinion. And then we’ll see you Tuesday at the PDC.

(Image courtesy StuSeeger. Used under Creative Commons.)