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REMINDER: Civic Software Foundation (Hack Oregon) Demo Day is almost here

Interested in seeing some compelling applications of civic data? That’s exactly what’s in store for the Civic Software Foundation’s Demo Day, this Wednesday. A few tickets are still available. And there are still opportunities to volunteer.

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Reminiscent of Jama Software: Orchestra Software bootstraps for a decade before taking $14 million investment

When I caught the news about Orchestra Software’s equity round, I was immediately reminded of Jama Software. Both companies were bootstrapped early on. They both took on investment after a number of years in business. And the amount of the funding was roughly the same amount.

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Open all the sources: Like open source software? Bet you'd love open source hardware

Even though there’s less focus on it than previous years, Portland is—and remains—the de facto hub of open source activity. It’s just something in our blood. So it only stands to reason that—as more things become open—Portland would be a great spot for those open pursuits to congregate. Take for example Open Hardware Summit. Read More

Software Association of Oregon (SAO) seeks new president

[Full disclosure: I sit on the board of the Software Association of Oregon (SAO). In that role, I also serve as a member of the marketing committee. I don’t believe this role has jaundiced my coverage, but I wanted to be open about my involvement.]

Who said nonprofits were boring? Being the president of the Software Association of Oregon (SAO) certainly isn’t. The role has proven to be one of the more tumultuous executive seats here in town. Read More

PDC Software Summit: Mayor Sam Adams wants the City of Portland to be known as a “laboratory of innovation”

Tonight, the Portland Development Commission (PDC) and the City of Portland will be hosting a Software Summit to discuss the economic growth strategy for our industry.

So you’ve responded to the surveys. You’ve heard about CivicApps. You’ve seen the City of Portland declare open source in government week. But you still don’t really have a clear idea about where we go from here. Or how the developers here in town fit in with the City’s plans.

Well, get ready for a little clarification. Tonight, the Portland Development Commission (PDC) and the City of Portland will be hosting a Software Summit to discuss the economic growth strategy for our industry. Read More

Where Portland’s Athletic & Outdoor, Software, and Clean Tech clusters should meet

[Editor’s Note: While the Portland Development Commission (PDC) works with the software community, they’re also in the midst of working on other industries in which Portland shows strengths. Most notably, athletic and outdoor apparel and clean tech clusters. Guest writer and serial entrepreneur Dave Chase, whom you may remember from “10 reasons I chose Portland over Seattle and Silicon Valley to locate my startup,” is back with an interesting take on where all of these clusters could collaborate.]

This week, the Portland Development Commission (PDC) announced a new action plan to foster what they are now calling “The Athletic and Outdoor Industry Cluster.” Shortly thereafter, I watched a video of an innovative Scandinavian energy company. They have managed to turn a boring energy company into something decidedly more interesting integrating exercise into the energy grid and rewarding people accordingly. More on that below… Read More

REMINDER: Last chance to respond to last software community survey from the Portland Development Commission

I know, I know. You’re already halfway to your Halloween costume and candy coma. But I was wondering if I might take just a few seconds of your time before you build up another pile of fun size wrappers on your desk?

The Portland Development Commission’s last survey to get a pulse on the Portland software community’s needs closes today. That’s right. Today. So take your sugar-infused self on over to the survey and answer a few questions. Read More

REMINDER: Talk to the Portland Development Commission (PDC) today about the software community and the latest survey results

Just a quick reminder that if you’re in the Portland software community and have some time this afternoon, it would be a great idea to swing by the Portland Development Commission (PDC) to chat about the Portland software community.

During the event, the PDC will reveal the results of the survey they just conducted—the second in a series of surveys of the Portland software community—and discuss those results with attendees. Read More

Have you responded to the second PDC software community survey yet? Want to talk about it?

Remember that survey that the Portland Development Commission was running? The second survey of the Portland software community?

Well, time is running out for you to respond. Like really running out. Like it closes today. So if you’re interested in responding, I highly suggest you hop on over to the PDC survey and complete it. Read More

Survey, survey, who has the survey? Portland Development Commission (PDC) does. For you. Again.

Remember a few months back when you took that Portland Development Commission (PDC) survey about the state of the Portland software market? Remember the kerfuffle—albeit a justified one—that took place immediately following the release of the results?

Well, as planned, the PDC has released the next instantiation of the survey, designed to dive deeper into some of the questions and to keep the conversation with the software community going. Oh, yeah, you saw where I was going, didn’t you? Yeah. Well. Would you? Would you please take a moment to respond to the PDC software survey? Read More

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