Who edits Wikipedia? All kinds of people. Who edits (and produces) videos about who edits Wikipedia? Portland folks

You know about Wikipedia. You use Wikipedia. But for all the information to be found out there, one question has long gone unanswered: Who are these people who actually edit Wikipedia?

It’s a good question. For most of us, they’re just a username. But now, the Wikimedia Foundation is working to put a face and personality on those Wikipedians with a video series called Wikipedia:Username.

See? There really are real people behind all those edits. That’s the whole idea behind the campaign.

These videos were produced with two key outcomes in mind: to inform the general public about the people and inspiration behind our movement, and also to energize and inspire new Wikipedia editors to engage bravely in contributing to Wikipedia. The latter focus is particularly important for the Foundation’s current Public Policy initiative outreach, but we’re hopeful they will inspire other new editors around the world.

The videos have got a little bit of the Apple switch video feel to them. And they’ve got some impressive production quality. But that’s not why I’m writing about them. I’m writing about them—obviously—because some Portland folks—who had to fly to Poland to capture the footage—played a very crucial role in bringing this series of videos to fruition.

Which Portland people were involved? Well, Reed Harkness, Jelly Helm, Sarah Marcus, and Noah Stanik, to name a few. Or maybe all of them. Those were the only names I could find. And they’re all Portland people.

So keep your eyes peeled. Or don’t peel your eyes and take the easy route. By following @Wikipedia or @Wikimedia. They’ll keep you up-to-date on all the latest videos. And soon, you’ll have a better idea of that Wikipedia:Username behind those edits.

(Hat tip to the still briefly a resident of Portland who made it into the video)

  1. If wrestling with air conditioning units to try and make for a pleasant interview environment in humid, 95° Baltic weather counts, then count me in too 🙂

    We’re super excited about these videos — Jelly and the whole team, and of course all them Wikipedians, worked some major magic.

  2. It was insanely cool to fly to Poland this summer only to meet Portlanders who were rocking everyone’s world on this project. I heard nothing but praise for Jelly and his whole team, and they deserve it all.

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