Expose yourself to art: CreativeCares at Beer and Blog and CyborgCamp GPS art show

You can’t fool me. You’re already thinking about Friday. It’s okay. it’s close. But what the heck are you going to do this weekend? Well, the Portland tech community might have some options. And very creative options at that.

You see, Beer and Blog — the weekly Portland tech scene happy hour — will have CreativeCares on hand to discuss their project and the CyborgCamp folks are kicking off a weekend of, um, cyborging with a pre-party and GPS art show.

Beer and Blog with CreativeCares

Like every Friday, geeks of all types will be descending upon Portland’s Green Dragon Bistro and Pub on Friday afternoon. Only this week, they’ll have a good cause with which to mingle as well.

We’re thrilled to have Burk Jackson, volunteer superhero and talented photographer, come to this Friday’s Beer and Blog to chat up his wonderful non-profit CreativeCares. It’s sort of a casual dating service for non-profits who are looking for mutually satisfying relationships with volunteer creatives and techies to build websites, develop digital marketing strategies, and create logos for them. It’s no strings attached, and everyone’s left with warm-and-fuzzy memories.

And no, the beer is not free this week. Unless you’re buying. And then I guess it’s still not free for you.

CyborgCamp Pre-Party and GPS Art Show

Registration for CyborgCamp Portland 2010 is closed. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be left out of the fun. Just head on over to Grassy Knoll Gallery, post Beer and Blog, to take part in the pre-party.

GPS maps are a kind of technogeographical self portrait; a way of showing how one has lived during a certain period of time. The methods for taking data can reveal something about a person as well. There is no standard way of taking GPS data. One’s map may differ greatly from another.

Food, drink, and DJ will be provided. Given that the FashionBuddha folks will be around, I have to wonder if the DJ on the decks will be the one and only Mr. Ballistic. If so, that’s reason enough to go.

Get going

So there you go. No moping around the house on Friday night, you. Get on out there and get creative. Or I’ll give you something to cry about.

(Image courtesy Cote. Used under Creative Commons.)

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