This is going down on your permanent (federal) record: Iterasi partners with NTIS

For all the startups that make the headlines month after month, there are hundreds of other awesome startups in Portland quietly cranking out compelling technology—and landing big customers.

Well, one of those quiet startups made the headlines today. Iterasi, a service that helps users archive Web pages in their original state, announced a partnership with the National Technical Information Service of the US Department of Commerce (NTIS) to provide Web archiving services to federal science agencies.

Archiving web records has become a requirement for both government and private organizations as web communication continues to grow as a central communications channel. As USA.gov states: “All federal public websites must comply with existing laws and regulations related to the management of public web records. This includes the need for organizations to comply with NARA guidance related to web records…”

Working together with NTIS we’ll be able to provide the technology and support the agencies of the federal government need to meet their regulatory requirements.

That means that a startup here in Portland, Oregon, is going to help the federal government save information that’s critical to our nation. And they say Portland types don’t think big.

“We are excited to work with NTIS to provide web archiving services to federal agencies,” said Pete Grillo, Iterasi’s CEO in a press release. “There are a number of areas in the scientific and technical arena that require web archiving, and this relationship enables us to meet those needs effectively and cost-efficiently.”

For more information, visit Iterasi or read the press release on the Iterasi and NTIS partnership.

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  2. Congrats Iterasi! That’s awesome.

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