Looking for that early stage investment? OTBC offers 11 steps for getting investor ready

Yes, I know. 11 steps. Yes, most of these things are supposed to be 12 step programs, but this one—11 Steps for Getting Investor Ready—goes to 11. Besides, we’re looking to feed your addiction to startups. Not curtail it. Oh wait. I think step 12 may be “Profit!”

In any case, our friends over at OTBC in Beaverton are offering to coach entrepreneurs on pitching their ideas and companies to would be investors. All it takes is an hour, beginning at 4:30 PM on November 16.

So what’s that hour going to land you?

You’ll walk away with 11 practical, actionable steps to getting investor ready. And you’ll get a lot more than we can cover in an hour. Attendees will also receive free access to an online e-book that provides very pragmatic, step-by-step information on every step in the process.

If you’re planning to raise investor money in the coming year, or you’re raising money right now, or your preparing for Angel Oregon or Venture Northwest – come to this event, and find out what it takes to get investor ready.

Also important to note, OTBC has a new home. With more coworking space, as well. It’s now at 8305 SW Creekside Place, Suite C, in Beaverton. So whereas it used to be just off the MAX line, it’s now just off the WES line.

Tickets are $19. To attend or for more information, visit 11 Steps for Getting Investor Ready.