Bus for the WIN! Head down to Ignite Corvallis and Willamette Innovators Night with wifi and free beer

Portland isn’t the only Ignite in town. Um. I mean the state. Bend has one. So does Corvallis. And if you’ve been feeling the itch to head south to see what the Covallisians are presenting, it just got a whole heck of a lot easier.

You see, on November 11th, Ignite Corvallis is once again being held in conjunction with the Willamette Innovators’ Night with Willamette Innovators Network (WIN)—and once again they’re happily bussing Portland folks down to the event with free beer and wifi the whole way.

Join us on the WiN/Ignite bus on November 11th : ) SAO and Microsoft have sponsored a bus from Portland that can get you down to Corvallis and back with Wifi and Beer! Join the fun!

With 55 of your geekiest friends along for the ride, the bus alone will be worth the trip; but there’s more! You’ll find refreshments, lots of cool people to meet, and fun things to do at WIN.

And true to the Ignite family, Ignite Portland is also helping round folks up.

What’s Willamette Innovators’ Night, you ask?

WiN is about critical mass and creativity, breaking down barriers, and enabling & creating community around the shared experience of bringing something new into being – It’s a venue for people to come together, share ideas, see new things and, hopefully experience that “Ah ha, THAT’S why I’m here” moment. If WiN can spark even one new idea or focus that contributes to the economic vitality of the area, it will have been a success.

But you’ll need to hurry. Given that there are only 55 seats available. So register today.

For more information on the conference, see Willamette Innovators Network. For more on the Ignite presentations, visit Ignite Corvallis.