Show your appreciation for Beer and Blog Portland’s favorite server, Lexie

If you’ve been to Beer and Blog Portland in the past year or so, you’ve likely had a beer. Or a drink. Or some food. And it’s highly likely that your order at the Green Dragon was taken by Lexie, who has single handedly been dealing with the Beer and Blog crowds, week in and week out.

It’s not easy. Especially when it gets crowded. And the Beer and Blog folks realize that. That’s why this evening is “Lexie Appreciation Day.”

As guest of honor, we’ll be presenting her with flowers and a card, and a large banner will be hung for all to express forever in Sharpies their Lexie love letters. We’d love to see people bring large signs (like the kind you’d see at a concert for a rock show) broadcasting accolades


Also — and this is important — a Tip Hat will be passed around. Lexie is taking time off her shift to attend this party, and if we all chip in we can help make up for lost tips. Why? Because Lexie ROCKS!

As always, Beer and Blog Portland starts around 4 PM at the Green Dragon.