Bending server configuration to your will just got a bunch easier with Puppet Enterprise

One of the best things about open source software is how open to configuration it is. Conversely, one of the worst things about open source software… is how open to configuration it is. Sometimes, all that freedom can make things more difficult than they should be.

Companies that work with open source projects understand this. And that’s why they’re constantly searching for ways to make their software easier to use and configure. Puppet Labs in Portland, Oregon, is one of those companies. And their latest release, Puppet Enterprise, takes a leap forward in making things easier for folks interested in adopting Puppet for server configuration.

Puppet Enterprise contains all the functions and components of the open source distribution handily packaged up for ease of installation, maintenance and increased stability. Puppet Enterprise is built with an enterprise-class quality assurance process and tested by our engineers to ensure the highest levels of reliability.

With Puppet managing your systems, you can more easily provision application components and audit and manage operating systems components across enterprise and cloud infrastructure. Puppet standardizes and automates how your development and operations teams deploy and manage infrastructure even as complexity grows.

That’s right. All the magic of Puppet Labs’ wildly popular open source server configuration management software. With less of the hassle. And with maintenance and support thrown in for good measure.

You can manage up to two nodes for free. Puppet Enterprise pricing begins at 25 nodes.

For more in formation, read up on Puppet Enterprise. For more on the company behind the product, visit Puppet Labs.

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