Whereas, Portland startups are awesome: Mayor Sam Adams declares Portland Entrepreneurship Week, February 20-27, 2011

And so, to coordinate with National Entrepreneurship Week, Portland Mayor Sam Adams has declared Portland Entrepreneurship Week to be the week of February 20, 2011.

[HTML4]Now, I know you focus on the entrepreneurial stuff all the time. You’re all startuppy and stuff, day in and day out. But guess what? Not everyone recognizes the value of entrepreneurial pursuits like you. Sad. But true.

But you know what? Portland does. And so, to coordinate with National Entrepreneurship Week, Portland Mayor Sam Adams has declared Portland Entrepreneurship Week to be the week of February 20, 2011.

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Here’s the language of the proclamation itself.

Whereas, the vast majority of net new jobs created throughout the United States in the past decade have come from the creative efforts of entrepreneurs and small businesses; and

Whereas, entrepreneurship is vital to Portland’s growth and prosperity; and

Whereas, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills identified entrepreneurial literacy skills as one of the 21st century content areas critical to success in communities and workplaces; and

Whereas, more than 70 percent of young Americans envision starting a business or doing something entrepreneurial as adults; and

Whereas, a broad coalition of partner organizations in Oregon and throughout the United States are actively engaged in enhancing entrepreneurial opportunities through collaboration and cooperation with the national Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education; and

Whereas, encouraging youth to be excited about entrepreneurship, and working to expand the knowledge, skills and attitudes of Portland’s youth and adults to be successful entrepreneurs is crucial to the long-term growth of local communities, the state and the nation; and

Whereas, according to research completed by William Walstad at the University of Nebraska, more than eight in ten of the general public (81 percent) and business owners (88 percent) think it is important for the nation’s schools to teach students about entrepreneurship; and

Whereas, the United States House of Representatives resolved to recognize the first annual National Entrepreneurship Week on February 24, 2007; and

Whereas, National Entrepreneurship Week provides an opportunity to focus on the innovative ways in which entrepreneurship education can bring together the core academic, technical, and problem solving skills essential for future entrepreneurs and successful workers in future workplaces;

Now, therefore, I, Sam Adams, Mayor of the City of Portland, Oregon, the “City of Roses,” do hereby proclaim February 20 through February 27, 2011 to be Entrepreneurship Week in Portland, and encourage all residents to observe this week.

Stay tuned for more on Portland Entrepreneurship Week.

(Image courtesy Jason Brisch. Used under Creative Commons.)

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  3. We originally had hoped to time the proclamation with the release of a study on entrepreneurship in the Portland region that had been commissioned by PDC, but the study is not yet complete. The study will be based on economic data and interviews with Portland-area entrepreneurs, VCs, angels, etc., and will detail strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats relating to entrepreneurship in the Portland region.

    The idea for the proclamation was originally suggested by a consortium of small business advocacy organizations and technical assistance providers consisting of SBAC, the SBDCs, and Mercy Corps NW. Fundamentally, we saw the proclamation as an opportunity to provide recognition to all of the organizations that provide support to our community of entrepreneurs on a weekly basis and to make a statement about the importance of entrepreneurship to Portland’s economy.

    To LuLu, if you would be interested in meeting to discuss some new policies or initiatives that the City could implement to help entrepreneurs (besides the Portland Seed Fund, an exemption from paying any local taxes if your business makes less than $50k per year, bumping the owner’s deduction above $100k, connecting local startups to contract opportunities with the City–all examples of actions taken by the Mayor to help startups) please feel free to contact me at skip.newberry@portlandoregon.gov to set up a meeting. To be sure, we have a lot of smart people in Portland, and some of the best ideas to improve our city have come from the community.

  4. And this is supposed to help entrepreneurs how exactly? Does this “declaration” come with any tax breaks or startup funding grants/loans? Nice, but empty edict. He talks the talk, but when is he going to walk the walk?

  5. That’s lovely! But what does it mean?

  6. Nice post, looks like Portland has the spirit! Thank you for the great stats too.

  7. I feel like someone should write this on a scroll and go around town crying.

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