Give your mirror and your pets a break. Practice your pitch at Pitch Club instead.

Pitching your startup. It ain’t easy. And it takes practice. But there are only so many times you can talk to yourself in the mirror. Or ask your cat to sit still and listen intently. Besides, let’s be honest. Your cat’s feedback? Suspect. At best.

That’s why there’s Pitch Club. So you can practice your pitch in front of other people who have been standing in front of the mirror a lot, too. Just head on over to PIE, this Thursday at 6:30 PM.

Want to practice your startup pitch in front of people who’ve done it before? Crave the harsh criticism of your peers? Need the validation of seeing what works and what doesn’t in other pitches?

Bring your 3 minute pitch. Put your name in a hat and if it gets picked, you’re on. Powerpoints discouraged – just pitch. Then, answer questions and listen to painfully honest feedback from a panel of so-called experts.

And as always, if you come to Pitch Club? You have to pitch. So if you want to watch, you better be ready to stand up and talk as well.

C’mon. It will be fun and educational. And nervewracking. And sweat inducing. But it’s hell of a lot easier than pitching to folks who you’re asking for money.

For more information or to RSVP, visit Pitch Club on Upcoming or Pitch Club on Plancast.

  1. @Katherine Any and all pitches are welcome. 😉

  2. Is this only for service/product companies, or are consultants (like me) invited as well? I’d love feedback from people who *aren’t* my peers.

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