Startup Weekend Portland IV: This time… it’s suburban

When you’re starting a company, transitions are difficult. From founding. To building. To hiring. To exiting. It helps to have folks who can help you along the way.

That’s why holding Startup Weekend Portland at an incubator and coworking space like OTBC in Beaverton is perfect. Because if one of the startups knocks it out of the park over the weekend? They’ve already got somewhere to sit. Transition problem solved.

And if you’re one of those folks who has an idea that is knock out of the park worthy, you should make your way over to OTBC on the weekend of April 1. Because hello?

The participants that attend a Startup Weekend decide what they want to tackle over the weekend and come out at the end with several developed companies or projects. Attendees are responsible for bringing the same desire and passion to the project and walk out of the room with the task at hand, in a short 54 hours. Sound intense? It is.

Not sure if you’re ready to get all startuppy and stuff? No worries. There’s a Startup Weekend bootcamp to get you ready, this Saturday.

The Pre-Weekend Bootcamp is held the Saturday before the Startup Weekend program (just two days from now). You will be prepared to get the very most out of your Startup Weekend experience. The bootcamp is at OTBC (same location as the weekend) from 1pm – about 4:30pm on Saturday the 26th.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Well, not to make you nervous or anything, but word around the campfire is that Alex Payne of BankSimple and Ken Westin of ActiveTrak (who knows a thing or two about winning competitions) will be judging, along with other local entrepreneurs.

So get those ideas percolating. Get your rest. And get ready to spend April Fools’ Day being anything but foolish.

Cost to attend is $84. You can register for the entire Startup Weekend Portland or just show up to see what was made at a discounted rate. For more information, visit Startup Weekend Portland.

  1. Just completed an fun and educational Bootcamp. Thanks to those that participated- you guys brought some great energy!

    7 days and counting to the main event…

  2. I’d like to also mention that Urban Airship stepped up in a big way to support the event. Not only is it greatly appreciated, it is encouraging to see a company like them begin to give back so early in their own life.

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