Spend a few cycles hacking for good at the PDX Applications for Good Code-a-thon this weekend

I know you. You spend a lot of time hacking on technology to make things better for people. Using data in interesting ways, building applications that make information more accessible, or just figuring out if something can be done.

But what if you were able to channel that creativity into creating something that solved problems for less fortunate folks? That would be cool right? Well take a look at the Portland Applications for Good Code-a-thon taking place this weekend.

What is it, exactly?

Applications for Good is part the One Economy strategy to focus forward and meet people where they are to ensure everyone has access to technology tools to improve their lives. We create and support public purpose applications that promote social and economic development. A4G exists because we recognize that people are going mobile and that open data, game dynamics and social networking are emerging tools we can use to solve tough problems.

To do that, you’ll be building apps in one of four categories: Trim the fat, Bank the unbanked, Connect learners, or Find jobs. And did we mention that there are prizes to be won?

Sound interesting? Well, take a gander at the official rules, RSVP for the code-a-thon, and read the last minute prep tips. And then, head to Urban Airship this Saturday for the event.

Even if you’re not thinking about attending, you should check out the awesome list of resources they’ve compiled.

For more information, visit Applications for Good.

  1. Aaron and I will be in the valley tomorrow. Any chance we can participate in the hackathon remotely?

  2. Thanks for this awesome post, Rick. I can’t wait to give away the ca$h prizes!

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