FreshBooks visits Portland for Beer and Blog and Books and Bowling

Again, I’m a little tardy on giving you a heads up here. I apologize. But our friends from FreshBooks—I’ve been a FreshBooks user for years—are in Portland. And you know how it goes. If you’re in the Portland tech scene on a Friday afternoon… What’s that? You don’t?

Oh. Um. Well if you’re in Portland and techie on Friday afternoons you go to Beer and Blog. It’s just how it is. But with FreshBooks in town. They’re stepping it up a notch.

Hold the phone. What’s FreshBooks you say? First you don’t know what to do on Fridays and now you don’t know what FreshBooks is? Oy vey. You need to get out more.

FreshBooks is an awesome Web-based invoicing and time management service. Kind of like the Basecamp for invoicing. And they just happen to be in town. So they thought they’d share a little love. And shake things up a little. With some bowling and stuff.

No excuses, you’re coming to Beer and Blog this week. Because you love beer, and Saul Colt, the Smartest Man in the World and Head of Magic at FreshBooks, wants to buy you one. Yes, we are very stoked to announce that FreshBooks, the fastest way to track time, organize expenses and invoice your clients, is sponsoring this week’s Beer and Blog.

But wait! There’s more. After the usual Green Dragon festivities, FreshBooks has generously offered to throw an after party at Grand Central Bowl. Beer+Blog+Bowling = best Friday night ever.

Free beer and free bowling. Nice. Sorry, no word on the White Russians, Dude.

Show up, as usual, at the Green Dragon around 4. Then once things start winding down, head over to Grand Central Bowl.

And please don’t forget to thank the FreshBooks crew for their generosity.

For more information, see Beer and Blog.

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  2. Tell Saul thanks. I’ve got plans, but I’m a Freshbooks fan.

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