Weather schmeather! Rapture schmapture! BarCamp Portland and CivicApps hacking are this weekend

I’m sure you’ve already heard about the events this weekend. No, not the Rapture, silly. Well yeah, that’s true. It is supposed to be nice, weather-wise. But that’s not what I meant, either. Because you know what else is nice? Hanging out with really smart people talking about interesting things. Or hanging out with really smart people and hacking together interesting things.

So take Thursday and Friday to get your fill of the sun so that on Saturday and (hopefully) Sunday you can spend time at BarCamp Portland and the CivicApps “Mobile Apps for Education” hackathon.

What’s BarCamp Portland you ask?

Barcamp Portland is an unconference–a conference without set topics, until attendees create them. Every year we gather geeks of all stripes – hackers, artists, makers, bikers, farmers, and more: participants in local geek communities. The conference is entirely composed of attendee-generated sessions–bring your passion and share it with the rest of the community!

Bring a demo or an idea and you will find people to talk about it with, but think of it less as a presentation and more as a conversation. Rest assured that you will exchange a lot of knowledge about your topic and many others with a lot of interesting people and come away thinking big thoughts.

And you know what a hackathon is. But here’s the focus.

In partnership with the City of Portland and the Mayor’s Office, we’re honored to announce a CivicApps Hackathon dedicated exclusively to making mobile applications for education. There will be time in the morning for ideas and presentations from educators involved with the city, and brainstorming sessions and hacking in the afternoon.

Cool right? Sure it is. So go get get signed up. And then we’ll see you PIE around 10 AM on Sunday. That’s post Rapture so plan accordingly.

BarCamp Portland is Friday evening and all day Saturday. The hackathon is Sunday. For more information on these events, visit BarCamp Portland or CivicApps “Mobile Apps for Education” hackathon

  1. Barcamp sounds like a great time. I wish I could make it!

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