Oh it’s on. Beaverton startup Act-On lands $10 million in funding for cloud-based marketing automation

It’s always nice to wake up to another nail in the “it’s hard to find funding in Portland” coffin. And this time, not only is it funding for a cloud-based company in the Portland area, it’s funding for a company that sits outside the Old Town/Pearl region of town that has been a recent magnet for capital. Way outside. Like Beaverton.

Act-On software has secured $10 million in C round funding, led by Trinity Ventures. Why does Trinity sound familiar? Oh, because Trinity also just sunk some cash into ShopIgniter.

This investment follows a recent investment last November of $4 million. Portland venture capital regular, Voyager Capital, helped co-lead that round. Erik Benson of Voyager currently sits on the Act-On board.

So what does Act-On do that’s attracted $14 million in less than a year?

Built around a 3rd generation e-mail marketing system, and featuring forms, landing pages, drip programs, social media prospecting, webinar management and the ability to automate critical marketing tasks, the Act-On integrated marketing platform generates rich analytics in real-time for your multi-channel online marketing campaigns. An adaptive behavioral scoring capability and a deep integration with Salesforce.com and SugarCRM enable Act-On to push only the most promising, sales-ready leads to your sales representatives.

Our customers tell us that Act-On enables them to keep their focus on their campaign objectives rather than on the underlying technology, and that they feel free to create and manage the marketing processes that best align with their corporate culture, skill sets and reporting requirements, thereby maximizing their effectiveness and ensuring positive outcomes.

Customers? Like who? Well, IBM, Motorola, and Cisco, to name a few.

Might be time for another Portland Lunch 2.0 out in Beaverton.

For more information, read coverage from TechCrunch and Xconomy. For more on the company, visit Act-On.

(Hat tip @katzpdx)

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  3. Philtor: I know, and I like it! Keep at it.

  4. Matt: I totally stole the “Robots in Space” thing from you.

  5. And absolutely no brandcuffs dude. No brandcuffs!

    Also +1 for robots in space.

  6. Seriously – that’s the best startup in portland is more marketing? How about another Twitter sentiment analysis tool or no, I’ve got it, a game – yeah a game, we’ll play it on our phones and step out onto a max line yeah!

  7. Ok, nice and all that a Beaverton startup can get $10M in funding.

    But… do we really need more marketing? Our culture is pretty much awash in marketing. It’s become the mental water we swim in.

    As I ranted on twitter: where are the “Robots in Space” companies? “Robots in Space” here is a proxy for cool, innovative tech that does something in the real world. Where are the companies solving real problems in the world? Are they getting funding? Not likely, we’re stuck in social-networking mental quicksand right now. As someone said recently: the best and brightest minds of our generation are being applied to getting people to click ads (and writing algorithmic trading systems to trade stocks).

    Ok, rant over. Congrats Act/On. It doesn’t sound like the kind of thing I’d be interested in working on, but to each is own, I guess.

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