Want your startup at lunch with Robert Scoble and Ashton Kutcher?

So Robert Scoble and Ashton Kutcher are going to lunch. Want to go? Well, you can’t. But maybe your startup can get an invite.

You see, Scoble is looking for some of the best and brightest startups to put in front of Ashton. And if you respond to his Quora question, yours may be among the startups he chooses to discuss.

Which tech startups currently (June 2011) need and deserve angel funding?

I’m having lunch with Ashton Kutcher on June 17. Last year when I had lunch with him he invested in Flipboard, which went onto be Apple’s favorite iPad app of the year. Got something you want to get in front of him? This is your shot. Stealth startups preferred.

Think you deserve funding? Give it a shot. Want to give someone else a chance? Offer them up. It would be really really nice to see Scoble have a few Portland startups on the list.

(Hat tip @KellyStremel)

(Image courtesy Zennie Abraham. Used under Creative Commons.)

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  2. Portland/Eugene based GuideMe.com already submitted to the thread, but thanks for pointing it out anyway Rick!

  3. Thanks for the heads up! Would also be great if we helped vote up other Portland startups.

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