Keep Portland weird (and smart): Attend the ROFLCon Summit for free

It’s always nice to see new conferences popping up in town. Especially conferences that bring such a random assortment of folks into one place.

And nothing could be more random than ROFLCon Summit—an offshoot of ROFLCon—being held in Portland on October 1.

ROFLCon Summit is a spin-off of the wildly awesome biennial ROFLCon. It’ll bring together the leading generators, preservers and advancers of online culture so they can talk about where it’s all headed and what it means to everyone else. It’s an open discussion about why the very same communities that are good at making dumb, funny things online are having a real impact on the world. Join us on October 1st, 2011 in Portland, Oregon for the first-ever ROFLCon Summit to address the incredible potential of the Internet, virality, the blogosphere, and beyond!!!

What kind of people speak at this sort of thing? Well, Portland’s Andy Baio is on the docket. So is Ben Huh from the Cheezburger Network, as well as folks from Reddit, Memefactory, Internet Archive, BoingBoing, Know Your Meme, Buzzfeed, and Urban Dictionary, among others.

And they’re all right here in your backyard on October 1.

Shoot. If only you could go.

Well, you can. You can register for ROFLCon Summit right now. All it takes is $35. And then you’ll be filled with a feeling of awesomeness. And potentially rainbows and unicorns.

But guess what? There’s something more. You might even be able to go for free.

That’s right. Free awesomeness. Because I’ve got five passes I can give away. How can you win one? Comment below telling us why you deserve a pass to the summit and we’ll see if it garners the favor of the masses. Or me. Or whatever.

Long story short, best comments win.

C’mon. That’s not that difficult.

So comment below and maybe win a pass. But definitely think about going.

For more information, visit ROFLCon Summit. Or watch this in-depth explanation.


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  3. Urban Dictionary gonna be representin’ all up in that joint? Those my peoples. They fam up in pdx. Gotta give them a pound and all that on the love love. Ya’ll on some keep P-Town 7:30 ish but you hold me down on them passes and imma be 9:15 all day on the really real straight up. I f**ks wit the internets, know what I’m sayin’? You feel me? Quit frontin’ my G. Nothin’ move but dem passes.

  4. I don’t want to take away any of Rick’s thunder, but I have a couple extra passes, too, that I’d like to giveaway. If you didn’t get one after the giveaway here, find me on Twitter. : ) Note: I hear space is very close to filling up, so act fast!

  5. I’d love the opportunity to regurgitate some of the ROLFCon insights to my PNCA kids. Think of the children!

  6. If a pass is still available I desperately need one and am broker than I have been in a long time, since I lost my job this summer. The upside of that is that I could focus more on absorbing and creating and connecting through the wondrous, exciting world of the Information Superhighway….

  7. I like fun and awesome things. It seems like that deserves to win. Also, this ascii art confirms my love for ROFLcon. Ascii art doesn’t lie.

    (since it probably won’t display correctly, here’s a screenshot: http://justinthiele.com/ascii-20110923-235533.png)

    _____ __
    /___ / __ __
    /__/ __ __ ____ ,_/_ ___
    _ / / /’,__\ // /’ _ `
    / _ _ /__, `\ _ / /
    ____/ ____//____/ __\ _ _ _
    /___/ /___/ /___/ /__/ /_//_//_/

    __ __
    / / __
    ___ __ __ _ __ ,_ ____
    _ ` /’__` /’__` /`’__ / /’,__
    / __// L._ / _/__, `
    _ _ ____ __/._\ _ __/____/
    /_//_//____//__//_/ /_/ /__//___/

    ___ ___
    _ __ ___ / __/// ___ ___ ___
    /`’__/ __` ,__ /’___ / __` /’ _ `
    // L _/ _ _/ __// L / /
    _\ ____/ _ /____ ____ ____/ _ _
    /_/ /___/ /_/ /____//____//___/ /_//_/

  8. I’m working on a startup salary, which isn’t funny at all. This will help.

  9. People deserve any chance they can get to learn new ideas and keep information and creativity in the world alive…I am needing to be filled with Rainbows and Unicorns. For now, Skittles will have to substitute. Why me for free..well cause I am like helping charity..i wouldn’t have the money to go otherwise and I could use the Spark.

  10. Why do I deserve to go?

    Because I’m AWESOME, of course!!! I’m also very interested in the internet culture and where we might be headed as a culture and as a community!

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  12. Rick, Yes, let’s keep it smart. See you there.


    Adam Reiter

  13. Why I deserve a free ticket:

    I suspect there will be many Richards there. Easy to fix.

  14. I don’t know why I deserve a free ticket, but this looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.

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