Bambook? More bamboo for you with Grove MacBook backs

Our favorite protector of Apple products, Portland’s Grove, has no moved from the world of iPhones and iPads to protect laptops as well.

Now you can protect your MacBook Air and MacBook Pro from dings and scratches while sporting a custom cutout. And it’s all rendered in beautiful hand-tooled bamboo.


According to Kelly @verso Guimont over at TUAW:

Designed to fit the top of your unibody laptop be it 11, 13, 15, or 17 inches, they are super thin bamboo panels (only .035″ thick!) with adhesive on the back to stick it to your machine. As an added bonus, you can get one with a cutout in the center so when your computer is on, the glowing Apple logo lights up the shape of your choice. Now, if you and nine (or more) of your friends or coworkers all want the same logo, you can get in touch with Grove and have them do a nice custom cutout of a corporate logo or other particular design.

For more information, read Kelly’s post on TUAW or visit Grove to order your own.

(Hat tip @jkuramot)

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