Startup Weekend Portland launches 14 companies into the wild

I swear. Startup Weekend Portland gets better every time they do it. And this time? They blew all of the other Startup Weekend Portlandseseses out of the water. Maybe all Startup Weekends anywhere.

Last weekend, a standing room only crowd spent 54 hours pitching, teaming up, and building a bunch of amazing ideas. And after the dust settled, 14 companies took the stage to demo their solutions.

And so, from garden plots to funeral plots, from gurus to, well, gurus, and from signals to RADARs, here are the companies from Startup Weekend Portland in alphabetical order.

  • Clear Memorial: Simplifying funeral planning (formerly Memorial Footprints)
  • Digischool.me: Aggregating all learning content across the Web to help you find the training and education you want at the level you need.
  • Good Works Now: Basecamp-ish and Highrise-esque service for nonprofit fundraising. CRM for small charities to recruit contributors.
  • Guru Signal: A bat signal to help folks find tech assistance from a network of local contractors. Trying to disrupt Geeksquad.
  • Hear Here: A RADAR for colleagues. Figure out who is where in your office using existing bluetooth and wifi technology.
  • Launch to Five: An interactive assessment system to analyze startup plans. Like a personality test for startups or, as OpenSesame’s Josh Blank put it, “Moneyball for businesses.”
  • MyGlobeDoc: Verifying trusted physicians for travelers who need medical care abroad.
  • Park it: Making monthly parking easy. Parking management for companies with open lots (like churches) to lease unused spaces to consumers.
  • Red Hot Tomato: Garden plot planning that provides planting management throughout the year and year-over-year.
  • Renters.com: Your source for renting anything and everything. (The team lead bought URL for six figures years ago. Now, he’s ready to do something with it—besides serving ads.)
  • Return Guru: Quick and easy receipt management coupled with price alerts. It’s like Shoeboxed or Tripit for personal shopping receipts.
  • Skill Hero: Nonprofit. Match skilled pre-screened professionals with volunteer opportunities. Verify volunteered time for corporations.
  • Tell it in 10: Weave photos together to share your visual history. How would you tell your story in 10 photos?
  • What’s Crowded: What if you tell the size of the crowd before you show up? Event, post office. Heat map via cell towers. Like What Spot Now

Congratulations to all of the teams who went from zero to full-fledged startup in the length of a weekend. That’s an amazing accomplishment no matter what happens.

For more information, visit Startup Weekend Portland.

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  2. […] Startup Weekend Portland launches 14 companies into the wild […]

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  6. Videos of the Startup Weekend final pitches are now posted at http://inside-Startups.com. Most are there now, and the rest should be up by Oct. 28, 2011.

  7. Thanks for your support Rick. returnGuru team was honored to present in front of you and the rest of the judging team!

  8. 120 people, 56 pitches, 14 teams === 1 Great Weekend.

    Thanks for your support of Portland Startup Weekend, Rick!

  9. Big thanks from the Tell it in 10 team to all the folks that made the weekend happen. This was my first Start Up Weekend, and I was very impressed.

    I learned a ton, and was inspired by all the talent and passion at the event.

    Good times.

  10. This was great. I was fist fighting the flu, but I had a great time and was inspired by the people in the community.

    I think I made my decision to actually get a damned office downtown somewhere in the 3-4 hours I was able to show up.

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