That’s a complete crock of… well tasty awesomeness: brandlive to power Crock Pot® Live

It’s no secret that Portland doesn’t have a ton of big consumer brands here in town. So when one of our local startups lands a deal with a household name—especially when it’s literally a household name—that’s a pretty big deal.

Like today. When brandlive from Portland’s Cascade Web Development announced they will be powering the livestream and conversation around the launch of a new Crock Pot®.

Yes. That Crock Pot. A company with a product so prevalent that it has become the generic name for describing all of the similar products in its industry.

So the unveiling of a new Crock Pot is going to be livestreamed. And brandlive is going to power the conversation. But what’s brandlive, you ask?

brandlive uses live video and chat to create a customer to brand interaction that you would typically experience in a retail store, meeting or presentation. From any location you can broadcast live video, invite your customers to a unique URL and they can ask questions in real time via a text chat function. No downloads. No advertisements.

brandlive is currently being used by companies in product launches, and as a training and sales tool. The resulting impact is increasing efficiency and reduced travel time and costs. Brands like Keen, Kalkhoff Bikes, Nordica, Korkers, Sokol Blosser Winery, Dockers, and FoodSaver have used brandlive in distinct ways to engage their audiences.

Tune in next Tuesday, November 8, to get in on the conversation—and to catch the first glimpse of the “NEW Crock Pot® Slow Cooker design.” Well, and to get a feel for how brandlive works.

For more information, visit brandlive or Crock Pot Live.

(Image courtesy Geishabot. Used under Creative Commons.)

  1. If Crock-Pot slow cookin’ is not your thing and Margaritas are, you can see another brandlive sample 11/15 @ 7pm EST http://live.margaritavillecargo.com/Nov15

  2. I so want to make something in my Crock Pot now…

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