Build locally, help nationally: SweetSpot helps Veterans Affairs track blood glucose readings remotely

(If I had been at the top of my game, I would have covered this on Veterans’ Day. But I’m covering it now—albeit a tad tardy.)

One of the reasons I started Silicon Florist was to help highlight amazing Portland startups and the interesting things they’re doing. Because there are some awesome companies here. Who don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

One of those startups is SweetSpot Diabetes, who was recently awarded a grant from the Veterans Affairs to help the organization remotely monitor blood glucose levels of its patients.

With SweetSpot, veterans with diabetes can stay at home and send data from their blood glucose testing devices to VistA – the VA’s electronic medical record system. Health care providers can monitor this data and will be alerted when readings indicate a patient may be headed for complications that arise when glucose levels are poorly controlled. SweetSpot’s presentation of a patient’s blood glucose data can also help a patient get care in a local setting with support from a specialist – lowering the cost of care while preserving the quality and improving convenience for the veteran.

That’s a big chunk of the population to begin bringing on board the SweetSpot platform. So, they’ll get the ball rolling with a pilot test in Dayton, OH.

“Our mission is to improve the lives of patients with diabetes and we are especially eager to do so for veterans.” said Christopher Logan, chief executive officer of SweetSpot, in a press release. “The VA is a leader in using information technology to improve health care while looking for efficiencies. We are excited to be working with them and look forward to serving the nearly one million veterans with diabetes.”

SweetSpot Diabetes Care, Inc. is a health data company focused on improving the use of data in the treatment of diabetes. SweetSpot specializes in turning raw output from patient devices into powerful information for researchers, healthcare providers and patients.

For more information, read the press release on SweetSpot’s grant.

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