See MyReplayLive live with replays: Beta launch tonight at SoccerPlex

Remember that one time—at rec league soccer—when you megged a middie and then pulled a rainbow kick into a miraculous bicycle kick, all to score the buzzer-beater game winning goal? Yeah, well we don’t. Because we never saw it. So we just nod sadly as you begin retelling the tale.

But what if you had proof? What if you had the replay? Well, that’s what Startup Weekend Portland alum MyReplayLive is hoping to do for you—and for thousands of other amateur athletes.

MyReplayLive records your great sport moments for you to share with the world. We make it easy to create your own sports video, and share to friends, family & recruiters.

It’s a pretty interesting combination of hardware and software that allow venues to easily implement the solution. And a Web site that allows athletes to view, edit, and save their highlights for “Oh yeah? Let me show you…” moments forever.

And tonight, they’re holding a beta launch party to show off their solution. What’s more, you get to partake in a little rec league soccer action, too.

So show up tonight (Tuesday) at 6PM at the SoccerPlex in SW Portland to join MyReplayLive and get a gander at what they’re doing.

You can show me the replay later.

  1. It was a great turnout with a three team round robin exhibition featuring players from local clubs OSA, THUSC, IPS, several other facility owners and fans of the company. Probably my favorite moment was seeing four highschool students anxious to create their profiles and battling for the ONE kiosk we had set up. They were hooked and the parents were into it and it was just a great moment. Thanks PDX start-up community for the support and knowledge sharing over the past year. Lots of lessons learned!

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