CD Baby and Rumblefish: Two great Portland companies that taste… err sound great together

It’s always nice to see Portland companies partnering up with other Portland companies. Especially when it’s the kind of news that extends beyond Portland itself.

That’s what happened today, when Portland’s CD Baby and Rumblefish announced they were partnering to bring CD Baby’s catalog of independent music to the Rumblefish licensing platform.

Why is that a big deal? Because that translates into about 3.5 million additional songs in the Rumblefish catalog. But it also means that nearly a quarter of a million independent artists just gained another means of promoting and licensing their music.

CD Baby is happy with Rumblefish.

“We’re here to help our artists connect with their fans through every avenue available. Fans can add soundtracks to their videos and slideshows, and they can share them on their favorite sites like YouTube and Vimeo, as well as in mobile apps like Animoto and Instagram,” said CD Baby President Brian Felsen in a press release. “Rumblefish is the clear leader in sync licensing and can open these doors for our artists through its deals with social destinations like YouTube.”

And Rumblefish is happy with CD Baby.

“CD Baby has always been a leader in independent music and we’re humbled to plug their amazing catalog into the worlds of social media and sync licensing,” said Rumblefish founder and CEO Paul Anthony in a press release. “The opportunities in sync licensing have never been bigger. There are hundreds of millions of consumers looking to add soundtracks to billions of videos, photos and other user-generated content, not to mention several thousand professional music supervisors working on commercial productions. We want to help them all create the perfect soundtrack.”

For more information on the partnership, read the press release. For more on the companies, visit CD Baby and Rumblefish.

(Image courtesy nathanmac87. Used under Creative Commons.)

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