Could QR Codes be the code to crack model and actor head shots?

Oh QR Codes. You know, QR Codes right? Those black and white mottled squares that no one really seems to know how to use but that everyone seems more than happy to slap on stuff?

Well one Portland company may have found an application for them: more compelling head shots for models and actors. Meet ID.

We at ID want to streamline the process. Casting Directors, agents, and filmmakers will immediately know what they need to know just by handing them your new ID head shot. They will know how you look, sound, move, and photograph just by using their smart phone on the spot… anywhere they are. With the ID you will stand out in the crowd and immediately be seen as what you are: a commodity.

It’s hard to say if this will take hold. But, at the very least, it’s an interesting attempt at changing the model. Yes, pun intended.

For more information, visit ID or check out the ID Facebook page.

(Hat tip @girlactor)

  1. A place I haven’t seen these, where I would love to see them, is in Real Estate. There have been many times I’ve seen a house for sale with no flyers in the box. It would be nice to have QR Code Sticker attached to the signpost or flyerbox that I could scan to be linked to the home’s details or MLS page on the Agency’s website.

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