Month: December 2011

Kansas City is America’s most entrepreneurial city

Here’s what Kansas City is doing—well, actually what both Kansas Citys are doing—to embrace entrepreneurship and startups. And Google is helping them.

What’s can Portland learn from them? How can we take similar strides to support the entrepreneurial efforts already happening here? Read More

MergerTech stands up MergerTech Capital, a $50 million fund for healthcare IT startups

For all of the good things happening in the Portland startup scene, there’s one area where we’re clearly still maturing: successful exits which result in capital reinvested in the startup community.

But we’re beginning to see glimmers of hope. Like Nitin Khanna, CEO of MergerTech who—following a successful exit from Saber in 2007—has begun to invest capital in a number of early stage startups here in Portland. Read More

Finding Oregon … in a time-lapse-y sort of way

Like I’m going to pass up something that’s an awesome application of technology that features awesome footage of Oregon? Yeah. Right.

Take a gander at “Finding Oregon,” an amazing time-lapse piece filmed all around the state. Read More

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