Month: December 2011

TiE Tuesday: Thinking about the Portland Seed Fund? Pitch your idea tonight at the TiE Oregon Incubator

In the “better late than never” category, I wanted to jump in at the last minute and remind folks that there is a pitch session for the next class of the Portland Seed Fund, tonight, at the TiE Oregon Incubator in Hillsboro.

I know. I know. I’m sorry it’s such tardy notice. But you know, you startup types have to be ready to roll with the punches and change plans quickly. So get on that. Read More

Meet the Startup: Portland mayoral candidate Eileen Brady

Some people have said that a political campaign is much like a startup. And so, we’re taking the opportunity to talk to folks who are throwing their hat in the ring for the Portland mayor’s race.

We start with Eileen Brady, an entrepreneur in her own right, and talk to her about her campaign, Portland, and the future of our startup scene. Read More

CONFIRMED: Jive Software IPO at $12 per share, slated for Tuesday, December 13

There have been a ton of rumors swirling about Jive Software, as of late. But it looks like one of those may have more merit than the others. And given that I’ve seen it any number of places and that our friends at Jive are in the midst of a quiet period, I’m going to share this one.

According to All Things D’s sources, Jive will have its initial public offering on Tuesday, December 13. Read More

What are you doing this weekend? You’re working on your Portland Seed Fund application, right?

It’s about that time again. Time for the next crop of early stage startups to apply for the Portland Seed Fund.

So if you’re a startup looking for a bit of funding, mentorship, and the opportunity to pitch to a bunch of potential investors, now would be a good time to get to applying. Read More

Finding their way to funding: CrowdCompass lands $1.3 million — with Oregon Angel Fund contributing nearly half

This year has been a great year for funding for Portland startups. What’s more, it’s been a year where local investors have felt comfortable beginning to participate in some of that funding.

Today, we get to add another win to the list. CrowdCompass has announced a $1.3 million funding round, $600k of which came from Oregon Angel Fund. Read More

Meet the Startup (Lean Edition): Eric Ries talks Lean Startups

Every once in a while, Meet the Startup likes to step outside the realm of Portland startups. To get some insights and feedback from other people in the startup scene.

This is one of those weeks. We’re joined by Eric Ries of The Lean Startup fame. (Oddly enough, this lean episode is twice as long as usual episodes. But we thought Eric and the concepts of Lean Startups were worth it.) Read More

CD Baby and Rumblefish: Two great Portland companies that taste… err sound great together

It’s always nice to see Portland companies partnering up with other Portland companies. Especially when it’s the kind of news that extends beyond Portland itself.

That’s what happened today, when Portland’s CD Baby and Rumblefish announced they were partnering to bring CD Baby’s catalog of independent music to the Rumblefish licensing platform. Read More

Are bloggers members of the media? US District judge in Portland says no… but may have missed something

Now, I’m used to having the “journalist” vs “blogger” argument. I’m not a journalist. I’m a blogger. I’m not terribly objective. And a great deal of Silicon Florist is my hemming and hawing about all of the awesome things going on in Portland. I mean, let’s be honest. At best, Silicon Florist is like People magazine or TMZ.

But now the argument has taken a bit of different turn. Thanks to a ruling against a blogger in a US District Court. Right here in Portland, Oregon. Read More

Made in Portland: Your one stop resource for PDX built beer, bikes, coffee, and Web startups

It’s no secret that Portland, Oregon, has a lot of awesome stuff going on around here. And not just in the startup scene. You live here. You know that. But what’s almost a secret is exactly what’s happening here. I mean, for all the things at which we excel, tooting our own horn is not one of them. Read More