When one door closes… Geoloqi offers a new tool to help SimpleGeo customers transition

News came this week that Portland’s Urban Airship was simplifying its service offering by incorporating SimpleGeo functionality into its high performance push offerings and shuttering the separate SimpleGeo service. In the interim, they were helping customers transition to new services using Factual as a stop gap.

Well now, another Portland company has stepped up to help in the interim. Geoloqi has released a service to allow folks to import SimpleGeo data into Geoloqi.

The offering allows developers to transfer data out of SimpleGeo into Geoloqi with one command.

This tool will allow you to transfer your SimpleGeo Storage data over to Geoloqi. It makes Geoloqi Layers for each SimpleGeo Layer, and converts Records to Geoloqi Places for each of the layers.

All you need to run the command is a Geoloqi Access Token, and the SimpleGEO OAuth Key and Secret. You can sign up for a Geoloqi account at The Geoloqi Web Site and retrieve your access token from the Geoloqi Developers site.

This script is provided as an executable via Rubygems, which means it runs on any Mac OSX computer out-of-the-box (and on any Windows/Linux machines with ruby available).

That said, it’s not the perfect solution. But that’s on its way.

This is a quick-fix solution. However we are planning on making a more stable, complete tool for importing data to Geoloqi from other sources (and for exporting your data out of Geoloqi). We feel it’s in your best interest to have total control of your data at all times, and we want to help you solve problems, including the problem of transferring data between your machine and cloud services.

For more information, visit the Geoloqi SimpleGeo import on Github.

(Hat tip @bradhe)