Staying up working on your side project? Why not apply to PIE so you can… um stay up working on your startup?

As a wise person once said, “A rolling PIE gathers no moss.” Wait what? No one ever said that. I don’t think. Maybe they did. But I’ve no idea why.

Well anyway, right on the heels of launching eight new startups into the Portland startup scene, PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment) has announced that they have opened applications for the next class of participants.

The application form is now available on the PIE site. It features many of the standard incubator/accelerator questions about the awesome product you’re building and the dream team you’ve assembled to bring it to fruition. It even asks a few questions about why you think you’re the perfect fit within PIE, itself.

As an added bonus, this time around, PIE is offering you the opportunity to provide a PIE alum, mentor, or investor as a reference for your startup idea.

What’s PIE, you ask?

The Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE) is a partnership among leading brands, technology innovators, and Wieden+Kennedy — the largest privately held advertising and communications company in the world. It serves as a hub for community, entrepreneurship, and creative thinking.

It was also an early home to companies like Urban Airship, Simple, and Appfog. And it helped accelerate companies like Athletepath, Cloudability, DailyPath, MoPix, Revisu, spotsi, Stayhound, and VendScreen. So any one of those folks might be good a good candidate for you to hit up for a reference (hint, hint).

Whatever the case, if you’re currently sitting there, burning the midnight oil, working to make your dream a reality, you owe it to yourself to throw your hat into the ring for the next class of PIE. It could be that push you need to make your startup fantasy into a reality.

Plus, it would make the Portland startup scene just that much more awesome to have you more deeply involved.

So get to applying already.

[Editor: Full disclosure: I work for PIE. But, I’d also like to see your bright and shining entrepreneurial face, day in and day out and in the wee small hours, for three months—especially when it means you’re on the path to launching your dream.]

  1. I really love accelerators and I like that the Portland startup community is growing. Can’t wait to see what comes from this class!

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