Which school has the most Portland startup cred?

So, I just wrote about Reed Start Up Lab. And I mentioned that Portland startups Urban Airship, Puppet Labs, AppFog, LuckySort, and Stayhound all have Reedies as founders.

But are they the leading school?

I know Lewis & Clark has Geoloqi. And OSU and PSU can also lay claim to Urban Airship. But what other Oregon schools have had a helping hand in building the Portland startup scene?

Well, let’s run a little poll to find out. And this is open to more than just founders. Even if you just went to one of these schools briefly. Not graduated, mind you. Just attended. (And yes, you can choose more than one.)

Please chime in. And let’s see which school has the most Portland startup cred.


(Image courtesy Nathanael Shelley. Used under Creative Commons.)

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  2. Reed: Howard Vollum graduated from Reed with a Physics degree, and went on to found Tektronix, which was in many ways the mother of Oregon’s tech industry. If not for Tektronix, would Intel and HP have had a strong presence in the area, would there have been a Mentor Graphics, etc?

  3. Just noticed that AngelList now has a profile field for “College.” So far, there the stats:

    Oregon: 11
    Reed: 4
    Oregon St: 3
    Portland State: 2
    Willamette: 2
    U Portland: 1
    Lewis & Clark: 1
    Linfield: 1
    Western: 1
    Eastern: 1
    OHSU: 0


  4. I’d like to see a census.

  5. Great talent and entrepreneurs coming out of all schools.

    Here are a few facts about the PSU Business Accelerator, PSU’s startup incubator, to support the poll results that PSU has mucho startup cred.

    Since 2005 The PSU Business Accelerator has worked with 91 client startup companies.

    Over the last five years (2007-2011) the companies at the PSU Accelerator have…
    -> raised $109 Million in private funding
    -> won $12 Million in public grants
    -> employed ~200 per year
    -> worked with 435 PSU students

    Graduate companies include: Jama Software (2011 Inc 500 Co), Giftango (PSU alumni on mgmt team), Eleven Wireless, BlueVolt, Jive, Exit Games, Perpetua, ViaLanguage & more.

  6. Win or lose, this is a great community for tech startups and seeing all our educational institutions (L&C included) work toward more entrepreneurial opportunities for students is just fantastic to see. Whatโ€™s more is that itโ€™s essential to growing the community further.

    Cheers all!

  7. Great new developments at PSU! A new Entrepreneurship Club has just formed and a new Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship is being created. I’m the new Executive Director. Watch for more at PSU!!

  8. PSU > ALL

  9. Well golly, I graduated from OGI, which split into both OHSU school of science and engineering and Portland State when it dissolved. Yes, I have a graduate degree from a non-existent institution. Learned a lot though. Shall I count them both? ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I can’t help but think that Reed’s percentage should somehow be an irrational number ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Well get them to vote then ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Small Society is L&C as well, and a lot of CTOs are from L&C too.

  13. I love my alma mater (Go Ducks!) but will be the fist to say that schools don’t have anywhere near the impact they’d like to think they have.

  14. FWIW CubeSpace’s founders are both Reedoralhistory, as were several of our employees. We did sneak one Lewis & Clark grad in too.

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