Beaverton, Oregon, might be the least romantic city in the United States

Why does Oregon borrow most of its town names—like Portland and Salem? Truth be told, because when left to our own devices to create names for towns, Oregon comes up with names like “Beaverton.”

And while the mention of Beaverton never fails to draw a snicker or two from folks—even locals—apparently the town of Beavers now has another claim to fame: Beaverton may very well be the least romantic city in the United States.

How was this determined? Well apparently the folks at popular-location-sharing-app Foursquare were in a Valentine’s Day mood. Curious, they must have set out to determine the most romantic city in the US.

According to Geeksugar:

Foursquare studied 1.5 billion check-ins and determined which cities were the most romantic, based on check-ins to places deemed “romantic” for couples, like French restaurants, wine bars, flower shops, and lingerie boutiques. Ooh la la.

Foursquare also found the least romantic cities in the US. Better stay far away from these locations if you plan on having a successful Valentine’s Day date!

All joking aside, while a lot of people are covering this news, I haven’t been able to find the original Foursquare post. So I can’t confirm that Beaverton is the least romantic place in the US. I can only assume.

But then again, it might just be a joke for which we all fell. Either way. Still funny.

(Hat tip @daveknowspdx)

  1. How do we know that Beaverton residents didn’t take their dates to hotspots in neighboring Hillsboro for a romantic getaway?

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