Have you joined Startup America, yet?

As an entrepreneur, you’re always looking for ways to make more connections, get more benefits, and to extend your financial runway just a little bit farther, right? Well, why not let good ol’ Uncle Sam help a little bit?

Startup America—the federal program designed to promote and support startup activity in the United States—has a variety of benefits for startups that join the program.

Oh yeah. And it’s free. Well, I mean. Your tax dollars at work. Whatever. You’ve already paid for it. So you should use it.

And it’s for “startups” all along the spectrum. So no matter what stage your company, you should give it a look.

Early stage companies, for example, get everything from free coworking resources, a $1000 match in Google AdWords credit, access to virtual roundtables, and discounts on hardware, software, and other services.

Plus, you get to hang out with people as crazy as you are:

Starting a company can be exhilarating, lonely, frustrating and awesome all at once. You may be having a tough time finding people who can relate to the day-to-day challenges you face while working on your startup. Well, thousands of founders and startup employees have joined our private LinkedIn group. Every day they are swapping war stories, giving each other advice and even beta testing each other’s products. Get in on the action now!

For more information, visit Startup America, follow @startupamerica on Twitter, or like Startup America on Facebook. To register your startup, join the Startup America program.

  1. I am an admitted cynic 🙂

  2. Isn’t that your reaction to most stuff? *buh dum buh* 😉

  3. I joined a while back. My reaction: meh.

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