REMINDER: Open Source Bridge accepting talk proposals until midnight, procrastinator pants

Sure sure. You were going to get to it. Because you really had this awesome talk on open source sort of stuff. Something riveting. And insightful. And entertaining.

You were totally going to submit that talk for Open Source Bridge, the conference for open source citizens. But then you never got around to it. Well, get on it. You’ve got until midnight tonight.

Open Source Bridge is accepting proposals for our June 2012 event in Portland, Oregon. Open Source Bridge is a volunteer-run conference for those working with open source technologies. It will take place June 26–29, 2012 in downtown Portland with five tracks connecting people across projects, languages, and experience to explore how we do our work and why we participate in open source. We will be accepting proposals through March 16, 2012. Speaking at Open Source Bridge is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and enthusiasm.

How are talks selected? Well, by the community of course:

In order to encourage open discussion during the submissions period, all proposals will be publicly viewable on the site. We’ve included a comment field you can use to send a private note to the presenters with your thoughts. All proposals also have a unique identifier (like a course number) you can use to tag your blog posts or other online content with discussion and related materials. Later we’ll use this ID to connect the conference sessions with content from around the web.

So get yourself together and get your submission finished. It’s not just St Patrick’s Eve, you’ve got a deadline to meet.

For more information, visit Open Source Bridge.