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Working on a transportation related startup? Oregon Active Transportation Summit 2022 wants to hear from you

One of the not so secret hacks to getting your startup in front of a bunch of people is taking every opportunity you can to get on stage. Whether you’re talking directly about your startup or not. And if you’re working in the transportation space, here’s one of those opportunities. Oregon Active Transportation Summit has a call for proposals open.

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Interested in thumbing through a variety of Amazon HQ2 proposals?

Setting aside any opinions you may have about Amazon or the way communities are falling all over themselves chasing the opportunity to be the second headquarters for them, you have to admit that this whole RFP process has been interesting to watch—and likely historic, in nature. That’s why Portland startup Reflect is working to make the content generated by Amazon HQ2 effort more accessible.

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Like to talk DevOps? There’s still time to submit a talk to DevOpsDays PDX 2017

I know. I know. I’m a little tardy with the reminder. But let’s face it. You probably would have put off submitting an application until now anyway. So let’s just call it even. Fine. Agree to disagree. But rather than arguing with me, you should probably get to work on your DevOpsDays PDX talk proposal.

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Calling all Python types: PyDX 2016 call for proposals ends this weekend

While PyDX 2016 is still a ways off, the call for proposals is almost ready to close. So if you’re part of the Python community and want to talk at the event, you better get it on it. Applications close July 31, 2016. Read More

Thinking about speaking at Open Source Bridge? Quit thinking and start proposing… err think AND complete your proposal

Ah spring! When a young person’s thoughts turn to that of speaking at a variety of events. And as luck would have it, there’s the opportunity to speak at an awesome event right here in town. If you get on it. The Open Source Bridge call for proposals ends March 23 at midnight. Read More

Like to code? Like to talk about code? Submit a proposal to speak at Portland Code Camp 2012

Sometimes, coding can be a bit of a solitary existence. That’s why we’ve got IRC and whatnot.

But sharing your knowledge with other developers in person can be incredibly powerful. And that’s why we have events like Code Camp Portland. Where you’re going to speak, right? Read More

REMINDER: Open Source Bridge accepting talk proposals until midnight, procrastinator pants

Sure sure. You were going to get to it. Because you really had this awesome talk on open source sort of stuff. Something riveting. And insightful. And entertaining.

You were totally going to submit that talk for Open Source Bridge, the conference for open source citizens. But then you never got around to it. Well, get on it. You’ve got until midnight tonight. Read More

Talk fast… err think about talking fast: SAO TechIgnite proposals are open

The Ignite format is a popular one with the tech types. And why wouldn’t it be? Presenting twenty slides in five minutes, conveying a topic about which you are exceptionally passionate? That’s awesome for both the presenter and the audience.

And that’s why SAO has adopted that format for SAO TechIgnite. And they’d like you to present. Read More

REMINDER: You have a week to complete your OSCON 2012 proposal

It’s no secret that Portland is known for its open source community. And the largest gathering of the open source community—OSCON—is right here in our backyard. Yep, OSCON is headed back to Portland again this summer. Read More

Sprechen Sie open source? Here are two upcoming events where you should be doing that speaking

there’s no better opportunity to share what you know than speaking at conferences so throw your hat in the ring for two big open source opportunities: Open Source Bridge and Linuxfest Northwest.

Sure, sure. Portland is the de facto hub of open source. That’s no secret. But some things are. Like all that open sourcey knowledge you have crammed into your brain. That’s not right to be keeping all of that awesome open sourceness to yourself, is it?

The correct answer is “No. No it isn’t.”

But how do we share that knowledge effectively? Well, there’s no better opportunity to share what you know than speaking at conferences. And right now, you can throw your hat in the ring for two big open source opportunities: Open Source Bridge and Linuxfest Northwest. Read More

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