Is it getting gamey in here? Jive partners with Bunchball to launch Jive Gamification

Jive has always been on the forefront of taking consumer focused tools and turning them inward to benefit large corporations. They took the dynamic of social dynamic Twitter and Facebook and made them a means of improving communication inside organizations.

Now, they’re taking the same idea that makes tools like Foursquare popular and introducing game theory to their offering with Jive Gamification.

Gamification has a wide range of applications within an organization. In an internal employee community, product development groups could be challenged to help answer questions from the sales team. Sales staff could take part in a competition to see who can complete training materials first. In an external community, contests and rewards could be used to encourage customers to help answer each other’s questions and become product champions.

Jive Gamification gives businesses the ability to sustainably engage users with highly personalized, collaborative and rewarding game mechanics. These include role-based missions and challenges, status levels and badges, team-based goals and competitions, real-time feedback and end-to-end fulfillment of virtual or physical rewards. The module enables customers to design incentive programs, or missions, for different types of users and groups within a Jive network.

For more, visit Jive Gamification.