Shut up. Put your head down. Work.

Sometimes, startups forget to stop, assess, and share the lessons they’ve learned. But when they do? It’s pure gold. And incredibly helpful guidance for other startups and entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs.

That’s why I’m really glad that Matt Hixson took a few minutes to share his insights on his startup.

Investors like proof-of-concepts. But what we’re realizing is investors love being able to ask if it works, and getting the answer, “Yes. We have alpha customers X, Y and Z willing to talk with you about it.” You may have a problem you think you’re solving, but until you have other people saying it, no one believes it.

Shut up. Put your head down. Work. The difference you see in your product, with potential investors, and customers will be staggering.

For more, read Matt’s entire post.

  1. Great video! Highlights the importance of having those customers that would say: “This is really valuable – I will pay for that.”

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