Boombox + recycled vintage luggage = Case of Bass, pure Portland awesomeness

Okay. I’ll admit that this might be stretching the “tech startup” focus. But come on? A boombox? Made out of a vintage piece of luggage? How awesome is that? That’s right. It’s very awesome. And techie enough to make the cut.

Introducing Case of Bass.

A Case of Bass is a portable sound system for the aesthetic virtuoso in each of us. Hand-built to ensure quality and craftsmanship, each Case of Bass is sure to compliment your instrinsic sense of style. After scouring the world for the finest unique vintage suitcases, we pair them with a selection of speakers that guarantee the best combination of sound and aesthetic. Lastly we incorporate to your specifications the types of accessories that will make your case unique to you. These include input types, amplifier sizes, power supplies and batteries, and finally any personal detailing you might desire. In partnership with local Portland businesses, artists, and craftsmen we create the one of a kind piece of art and science that is a Case of Bass.

For more, visit Case of Bass.

  1. Incredible, must buy!!

  2. These are awesome!

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