Columbia Sportswear app: It’s like Path for offroad journeys

If you build outdoor gear for exploring the wilderness, you kind of want your customers out exploring that wilderness. Not simply tromping around the urban jungle.

And that’s why Columbia Sportswear has built a mobile app. To get you off the beaten path.

The app was built by ISITE:

GPS Pal helps people track and preserve outdoor adventures by capturing GPS data, photos, videos and notes. Users can organize their adventure data into a journal which is automatically synched to the web so that it can be saved and shared. The application also tracks trip details such as distance, elevation and overall speed.

I’ve just started mucking with the app. But it’s pretty. And it’s fun to use. And honestly? I can’t wait to test it on a trail or two this weekend.

So I guess it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. Especially given that the weather promises I’ll probably need some Columbia gear to stay dry.

For more information, visit Columbia GPS PAL. Or go for it and download the app for iPhone or Android.