This is Oregon. And don’t you forget it.

Sometimes, even those of us who have lived here for years and years forget—or at least conveniently ignore—the majesty that surrounds us here in Oregon. Luckily, there are a bunch of creative folks working hard to remind us. Like the This is Oregon crew.

If you live here, take a moment to remember. And revel. If you’re not here, come visit. And experience it.


We’ve traveled to ten locations within a 90-minute drive from downtown Portland, Oregon to showcase the awe-inspiring landscapes that are waiting to be explored. From highway pull-offs to backcountry overnighters, and sun-baked coastlines to snowy mountainsides, there is something for everyone, everywhere.

At each location we captured a featured photograph and paired it with an interactive 360 degree panorama and Google map to help you find your way. Hopefully these destinations will light the fire for you to look beyond and explore the endless beauty waiting outside your door.

Welcome home.

(Hat tip @mayorrock)

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