All your Sybase are belong to us: Urban Airship takes on push notifications for Sybase 365

Urban Airship is already leading the field for push notifications—those little messages that apps on smart phones can send you. But their latest deal has them stepping into the enterprise market in a big way.

Urban Airship just announced a partnership with Sybase to provide push to their network of nearly 1000 mobile operators and OEM partners.

“Mobile device technology and the adoption of mobile apps are changing the game for mobile marketing, enabling intimate and context sensitive customer interaction and transactions,” said John Sims, president of Sybase 365, in a press release. “Our Sybase Push 365 messaging service, enabled through our partnership with Urban Airship, will help usher in a new era of mobile customer engagement that enables enterprises to leverage cross-channel integrated marketing communications strategies to increase lifecycle interactions and deliver exceptional customer experiences.”

Urban Airship will provide Sybase 365 with developer tools and resources that allow enterprises to quickly and easily add push messaging capabilities to mobile apps, as well as browser-based interfaces that enable business users to create, target and analyze the results of basic and Rich Push® messages. These services will also be available to mobile operators and OEMs through Sybase 365. Urban Airship push notifications can be highly targeted through advanced segmentation based on a wide variety of customizable attributes such as audience location, context, user-set preferences or business rules.

But what does this really mean? Well, for one, it means a noted uptick in the number of push notifications UA will be sending. And the types of companies that will be using their services.

For Urban Airship, the partnership should provide a big bump in usage. Sybase 365 delivers 1.8 billion SMS and MMS messages a day. Urban Airship notched its 10 billionth message in January after launching in 2009 and now the company is up to 19 billion messages sent.

Sybase, an SAP company, is an industry leader in delivering enterprise and mobile software to manage, analyze and mobilize information. We are recognized globally as a performance leader, proven in the most data-intensive industries and across all major systems, networks and devices.

For more information, see the press release on the Urban Airship and Sybase partnership.

Post script: And if the headline makes no sense, here’s a little meme primer for “All Your Base.”