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Portland startup IOTAS part of new Amazon Alexa for property managers program

It was only a matter of time. Like cable and wifi access before, the utility of Amazon Alexa and other voice activated products are becoming, well, a utility. And that utility is now on the verge of getting baked into the next apartment you rent.

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Consumer product startup? Interested in partnering? Maybe you need more Parsnip

As a startup, you have to make best use of your time — your most limited and valuable resource. And when you’re making products that require partners to make it into the hands of your customers, you’re even more strapped for time. Like consumer products. That needs often needs shelves or marketplaces to get in front of their consumers. That’s why companies like Parsnip are super interesting.

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Roll out the welcome mat: Portland startup Cozy helps realtor.com and Doorstep streamline processes

Property management platform Cozy is welcoming some new partners to the neighborhood. Today, they announced a deal with Move, Inc—which brings properties like realtor.com and Doorstep into the fold. Read More

Partnership portends Portland startup perks: inDinero and WeWork team up to help early stage companies

What’s better than interesting new startups moving to Portland? When those startups join forces to provide perks that could potentially benefit even more Portland startups, that’s what. Duh. And that’s why I’m psyched to see two recent Portland transplants—inDinero and WeWork—doing just that. Read More

Viva la Vevo: Portland startup Vadio unlocks massive licensed music collection with Vevo partnership

Portland startups are known for being a bit humble. But one Portland startup has been taking that to extremes, quietly building up an impressive list of customers and partners. Now, they’re ready to share a little of that progress. Today, Vadio announced their partnership with Vevo, one of the largest licensed collections of music videos on the Web. Read More

All your Sybase are belong to us: Urban Airship takes on push notifications for Sybase 365

Urban Airship is already leading the field for push notifications—those little messages that apps on smart phones can send you. But their latest deal has them stepping into the enterprise market in a big way.

Urban Airship just announced a partnership with Sybase to provide push to their network of nearly 1000 mobile operators and OEM partners. Read More

Eee-aye, eee-aye, oh, i-o: AppFog adds Blitz.io and Iron.io support

Portland “Platform as a Service” provider AppFog continues to make sure that platform has a whole bunch of functionality.

Today, they announced they have added Blitz.io and Iron.io to their service offering, further extending their customers’ ability to deploy and scale apps. Read More

Think your YouTube video rivals Mad Men or 30 Rock? Well, your soundtrack can, at least. Thanks to Rumblefish.

If there’s one Portland startup that’s quietly having a substantial impact on the music scene, it’s Rumblefish. You might not hear much about them. But when you do, it’s usually something big.

Today is no different. You see, Rumblefish has just signed a deal with APM Music, a joint venture of EMI Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing, the world’s largest production music library. That means, your YouTube video can have the same soundtrack as Hollywood productions. Read More

Is that LexisNexis in your Iterasi archives or are you just happy to see me?

One of my favorite quiet little engine that could startups here in town is Iterasi. They don’t make a lot of noise. But when they do? It’s a big boom. And apparently, they’re not so quiet anymore.

In October, Iterasi announced a big partnership with NTIS. Now, it’s another month and another gigantic announcement. On the last day of November, Iterasi has announced that they’ve signed a partnership with LexisNexis Reed Technology Web Archiving Services. Read More

Digital Trends goes Yahoo!

[HTML1]One of my favorite, successful “That’s a Portland company?” blogs is Digital Trends. It’s a tech heavy publication that covers all the comings and goings in the consumer tech space. From home theaters to mobile computing to games, they do their best to cover it all.

And apparently, I’m not the only one impressed by their content. You see, Yahoo! just partnered with Digital Trends to serve up their technology insights to Yahoo! users. Read More

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