Make mine Titanium: Geoloqi powers battery efficient geolocation for Appcelerator Titanium

Geoloqi, the Portland startup that’s making location based tools easier for developers to adopt, has been strangely quiet lately. Too quiet.

And today, it became obvious why. The company has just announced a Geoloqi module for Appcelerator Titanium.

If you’re not immersed in the mobile market, that might have come off as a bit of gibberish. What’s Appcelerator? Well, it is the “first mobile platform to combine the flexibility of open source development technologies with the power of cloud services.” Pretty cool right? Well, now it’s even cooler. Because it’s been Geoloqized.

Don’t believe me? Fine. Maybe you’ll believe some of these folks.

VentureBeat: Better location tools for more apps: Geoloqi is now on Appcelerator Titanium

The two companies have been cozied up for a few months already. Now, they’re giving devs a two-month trial to test drive Geoloqi on Appcelerator’s Titanium 2.0 platform. In a word, this means better location tools will be available for more kinds of apps, and they’ll be easier to use for a wider range of developers.

Titanium lets devs work quickly to get apps live on Android and iOS devices natively, as well as on the mobile web. With Geoloqi plugged in, devs will also have a complete location toolkit (including true geofencing), battery management features, and real-time data storage and analytics.

GigaOm: Geoloqi’s location tracking now available to Appcelerator devs

For example, apps with Geoloqi can understand when someone has entered or left a predefined geo-fence — say, a coffee shop — using carrier signals, GPS, Wifi and indoor tracking systems. The apps can track a person’s location and push out messages or trigger actions based on where they are. Geoloqi can also provide app developers with location and dwell-time analytics on users.

Geoloqi made its first iOS and Android SDKs available in February, but the integration with Appcelerator opens up the service to a large existing community of developers who use Titanium to speed up their app development efforts. Appcelerator is giving new Titanium developers a two-month free trial when they register and download the Geoloqi Titanium module before the end of June.

Programmable Web: Geoloqi Adds Powerful Location Module to Appcelerator

The Geoloqi Geotrigger module for Titanium Appcelerator provides a complete toolkit for real-time tracking, messaging, battery management, geofencing and storage. It performs battery management through its algorithms that know how to turn GPS on and off, thereby preserving battery life. It provides a facade over location sources like GPS, Carrier Signals and Wifi to provide you with tracking, coupled with a cloud storage solution to track all the location data. One of the key features here is defining geo fences that can then be configured to push messages to your application, once the target goes in and out of the geo fence.

Digital Trends: Geoloqi and Appcelerator join forces for location app development – minus the battery suck

“Battery life: The other big piece thwarting the mobile location puzzle; namely, how much these apps suck the life out of it. Geoloqi has made battery life an evolving priority. “We don’t take the approach it can be solved — we think it can be improved over time,” says Case. “We use an algorithm that gets more and more complex to help this. It’s all these discrete pieces that when you add them up gets you better battery life. It’s all about intelligently handling the various factors.”

Along with the new partnership, customizable geo-triggered events will now be available from Geoloqi. This means developers can implement push messages to users when they cross a geofence — or a location that triggers an action — as well as a variety of other location-based notification actions.

Inside Mobile Apps: Advanced location-based services come to Titanium 2.0 with Geoloqi partnership

Although Appcelerator already offered some basic location-based services like check-ins through the company’s new Appcelerator Cloud Services, developers using Geoloqi’s API can set up pre-determined location zones called geofences and enable location-triggered events in their Titanium-built apps. This enable apps to perform more sophisticated location-based tasks, such as sending a registered customer a push notification with a coupon attached as soon as they enter a store.

TechCrunch: Appcelerator Partners With Geoloqi To Bring Location Services To Its 1.6 Million Developers

Thanks to the new Geoloqi module, developers can now create geo-triggered events in their applications. This, says Appcelerator, will allow its developers to create apps that make use of geofencing and can, for example, send users a push notification when they cross the border into or out of a geofenced zone. In addition, Geoloqi offers standard location tracking features as well as location analytics. While the company’s partnership with Appcelerator focused on these areas, Titanium developers will also be able to use Geoloqi’s other features, including, for example, its Wikipedia layers.

Appcelerator tells us that it also chose Geoloqi because it can smoothly transition between different location sources like GPS and WiFi triangulation, relatively conservative battery use and also because it features sophisticated privacy controls for users.

Need more details? I’d suggest heading over to hear Geoloqi’s description of the partnership.