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Need more details about a particular location? Iggy wants to help

While travel may not be top of mind for many folks right now, I think we’re all hopeful that we’ll get the chance to travel again. And when we do, getting more details about where we’re visiting can always be helpful. And those are the types of insights that Iggy is working to provide.

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Get your map on: MapCamp Hackathon 2014, January 10-12

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Portland loves its geolocation. And when it comes to camps? There’s no town more campy. So what if you were to take the mapping and combine it with the camping? That would be pure Portland magic. Like MapCamp Hackathon 2014. Which takes place this weekend, January 10-12. Read More

Urban Airship acquires SimpleGeo combining push notifications and geolocation on a nonstop flight

It’s not often that Portland companies are part of wildly swirling rumory breaking tech news—especially in a positive way. But today, Urban Airship has done just that.

UA has acquired SimpleGeo, a company with a great deal of positive buzz and executives who are well-known in tech and startup circles. It’s a move that definitively puts Portland on the startup map. Pun intended. Read More

Meet the Startup: Discovering more details about Geoloqi

For many developers and consumers in Portland, geolocation falls near and dear to their hearts. Whether it’s hacking maps, working with GPS, or using open data to provide interesting details about locations.

And when it comes to Portland startups, no one is more invested in geolocation technology than Geoloqi, a platform that allows any developer to add geolocation functionality to their apps. Read More

Where will you be this weekend? Hopefully at WhereCampPDX

It’s that time of year again. Time for all of the Portland geolocation types to gather at one location—or behind a geofence or whatever—for geogeekery of all kinds.

Yep. It’s time for WhereCampPDX, the fourth installment of the unconference dedicated to the fine art of mixing geography and technology. Read More

Find yourself geolocated in Portland for JSConf or NodeConf? Join GeoIQ for some hacking and geogeeking, this Sunday

You know how Portland loves the geogeeking. I mean, we’re always hearing about how folks are using geolocation to hack, build products, or simply determine how badass particular Portland neighborhoods may be.

But for all the local activity, it’s always nice when other folks who love geolocation data are in town, too. And that just so happens to be the case, what with JSConf and NodeConf coming up next week. Well, GeoIQ would like to take advantage of that serendipity. So they’re hosting a Portland GeoIQ JavaScript Hack Day at PIE, Sunday, May 1 beginning at noon. Read More

Red Hat and Max Ogden team up for Map Hack, an all night geolocation hackathon

Red Hat invites you to join Max Ogden for Map Hack, a all-night geolocation app hackathon starting at 7 PM Saturday and running until 11 AM Sunday.

It’s pretty late to be reading blog posts. Whatcha doing? Up hacking on stuff? What’s that? You’re reading this in the morning? Oh. Well maybe you’re still hacking on stuff. Okay. Whatever. Forget the whole time thing. Point is: you’re hacking on stuff.

Well, if you want a little company with that whole hacking, Red Hat invites you to join Max Ogden for Map Hack, a all-night geolocation app hackathon starting at 7 PM Saturday and running until 11 AM Sunday. Read More

WhereCamp PDX pinpoints a location

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times: Portland loves the camps. And while—this summer—the camps seemed to be a little light, we’ve still got a few on the docket as we saunter into the fall camp camp campity camp season.

One of those camps is WordCamp Portland which I’m not going to talk about right now, because I’m going to be talking about them later. Hint hint.

Another, is WhereCamp PDX, the geogeeking camp for all of you mapping and geolocation types. And if that sounds interesting to you, you’ll be happy to know that WhereCamp has just finalized their dates and location, October 2-4 at Metro. Read More